T Spheres™ – Aromatherapy massage balls

T Spheres™ - Aromatherapy massage balls- a sensual experience for every day! The T Spheres - Aromatherapy Massage Balls are among the massage utensils that can evoke relaxation in a gentle, soothing way. Taking into account the ancient wisdom…
Massage Musik

Massage music

Massage music - the effect and importance of the calming atmosphere of a Sleepion! How important relaxation is for your own well-being becomes obvious when using massage music. It also has positive effects on sleep, which Heinrich Heine once…
Ocean & Magma Globes

The pore-refining Ocean & Magma Globes by Pacific Spirit

The Ocean & Magma Globes by Pacific Spirit are the right beauty tool for you or your customers if you are looking for a facial treatment that tightens the skin and massages the face at the same time. What are the Ocean & Magma Globes? The…