Massage Werkzeug

Wellness massage tools

Wellnes Massage Tools. The wellness massage - a blessing for body, soul and spirit! A wellness massage is a benefit for body, soul and spirit. Accordingly, the beginnings of massage go hand in hand with the self-healing effectiveness of pressure,…
Ocean & Magma Globes

The pore-refining Ocean & Magma Globes by Pacific Spirit

The Ocean & Magma Globes by Pacific Spirit are the right beauty tool for you or your customers if you are looking for a facial treatment that tightens the skin and massages the face at the same time. What are the Ocean & Magma Globes? The…

The Pacific Spirit story

The Pacific Spirit story - from the Fiji Islands to the whole world In this blog post, I, Birgit Matanisiga, the founder of Pacific Spirit, would like to tell you the story of how our company came about. Come with me on my journey that started…