What is Faire?

We are proud to now be among the 20,000+ independent brands selling on Faire. Faire is a marketplace for retailers and professional customers, where professional customers like you can easily order or reorder products for the spa, institute or store.

This way you can buy products for free.

If you click on our store link

and you are new to Faire, you will receive a credit of 200 € net on the value of your first order. The minimum order value is 99 € net. You then have one month to redeem the credit before it expires. It pays to be quick!

What you can expect at Faire

We have in our assortment many products that you as a professional customer can use in your applications, but also resell to your customers and guests.

Many of you already offer your customers and guests selected cosmetic and wellness products that are gladly purchased.

In our Fair Shop you can buy e.g. the Tspheres – Aroma Massage Balls, massage tools for the face like the Globes, the BeautyBrush or the ProMultiMassager and the innovative, self-warming eye masks “AugenRelax”.

Of course, our popular coconut oils must not be missing. These are not only excellent for massage, but also perfect for home use. They moisturize skin and hair and make a great bath additive.

Your advantages

You will receive a 200 Euro discount on the net value of your first order. So you have the opportunity to test some of our products for free. But not only that, a net payment period of 60 days also applies to your orders – this means you can order new products on Faire today and only pay in 60 days.

Already, many existing customers have taken advantage of this offer and ordered through Faire. It’s simple and secure.

What our customers say

I was very happy about the invitation. I couldn’t believe it at first when I got the invitation to faire. Products worth 200 euros for free, that sounded too good to be true. I looked for the catch. Somewhat suspicious, I ventured onto the platform, studied everything carefully, but couldn’t find one.
It sounded like an early Christmas present. But all I had to do to enjoy the great products was to register and provide details and photos of my business. All very straightforward and simple. Was very pleased with the delivery and have purchased other products through the platform. Can only encourage all other customers to do the same. You will not regret it.

C. Cerno, Munich – January 2022

A few weeks ago, I got the news via email that Pacific Spirit now sells several products via the Faire platform. At first I just registered it and forgot about it. Then emails came with the offer of 200€ credit if I place my next order through Faire. I was very skeptical and again let 1…2…. Days passed about it. Why would they give me 200€? Then I took heart and looked at the platform. Many companies, large selection, often a minimum order value, which is not really interesting for me and my small business, however articles concerning, which I also do not really need. But also the explanation why and how I can secure the amount of 200€. That sounded now nevertheless tempting: simply times new products try out, which I would not order otherwise? So I started to fill my shopping cart and indeed the amount is credited to me directly. Nevertheless…. do I really need the articles? What I would have to reorder is not (yet) there…. Well, I’ll try it out. There flutters another email in the house and announces I get also still 100€ of Faire in addition. As a small company like mine, 300€ is a lot of money and well invested to try out new products. So I completed the ordering process, which was as easy as any other online order. At the end, an “invoice amount” was shown via VAT, for which I have an additional 60 days to pay. This is very fair. Within 4 days the package was now with me. It was well and safely packed, everything arrived in one piece and I am happy to now be able to try new products that I otherwise would certainly not have tried and ordered. Therefore, I thank you very much for this cooperation between Pacific Spirit and Faire and I thank you for the great gift of 300€. I gladly complied with the subsequent and voluntary request for an honest report on my experience. It was not a condition for receiving the gift! I am glad if it motivates others to also take advantage of this great offer and to claim it.

P. Hüster, Fa. Klangfarben, Erftstadt – January 2022

When the notification came to the shopping voucher, I could not quite believe whether it really all goes as it was announced. Who gives away such large vouchers in B2B and waives the shipping costs to boot!?!!

Bam – Pacific Spirit & Faire do it! What a great appreciation to us B2B customers! Especially now in the difficult Corona time, the voucher was a wonderful way to stock up my store – a very big thank you for this great, surprising gift!

Some Pacific Spirit products I already used in my massage practice and am consistently satisfied (my customers too!). Based on this experience, I decided to purchase from Faire despite my initial hesitation. Questions about the products were possible directly through Faire and were answered quickly by Pacific Spirit. The ordering process at Faire is intuitive, uncomplicated and clear. Shipping was also very quick. I rate the entire purchase through Faire as very good and will gladly purchase more products here. Fair & Pacific Spirit are a great combination!

R. Hoffmann, Bewusst Entspannt, Ühlingen – January 2022

Dear Mrs. Matanisiga,

after we have known and appreciated each other as business partners for several years now, I was surprised about your offer with Faire, but not really skeptical. I was sure that you check new business relationships to the smallest detail before entering into them. Nevertheless, I waited some time to sign up myself and take advantage of the generous benefits. However, I then accepted your renewed invitation and what can I say- I am over the moon with all my new products 👏🏼😁.
I already had many of your wonderful products in my repertoire, the ones I was missing I have now chosen from my credit. I love the unique cleansing brush- it is just wonderful, I use it daily and will offer it for purchase to my clients in the future.
I have been using the great coconut oils for a long time for my Lava Shell or Lomi massages- my clients and also I are immediately in paradise thanks to the intense and excellent scent and the skin is wonderfully cared for.
A thousand thanks for this great offer, I can only recommend everyone to accept it. The 300€ are immediately available as credit, you only pay the VAT at the end, a piece of cake for what you get- great!!!!

Best regards

Nadine Jahn – Britz – March 2022

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