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Wellness massage tools

The wellness massage – a blessing for body, soul and spirit! A wellness massage is a benefit for body, soul and spirit. Accordingly, the beginnings of massage go hand in hand with the self-healing effectiveness of pressure, relaxation and traction techniques. Relaxation and time for oneself are becoming increasingly important, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Konjac Sponges

The beneficial facial care from the heart of the Yellow Sea! The Konjac sponge from the heart of the East Asian sea is the result of the best that Mother Nature has to offer. While the sponge, as a multicellular organism and a pure sea dweller has existed on our beautiful earth since the Palaeozoic […]

A fountain of youth for the skin

The advantages and application of a self-heating moisturizing mask!! A self-heating moisturizing mask has several advantages in its application. While different functions are attributed to a mask per se, the main focus can probably be summarized in one word: skin rejuvenation.

T Spheres™ – Aromatherapy massage balls

a sensual experience for every day! The T Spheres – Aromatherapy Massage Balls are among the massage utensils that can evoke relaxation in a gentle, soothing way. Taking into account the ancient wisdom that the secret of tranquility lies in stress, this requires manual work and some time.


the gentle natural method of the sea for total body relaxation! To go swimming in the sea of joy – metaphorically speaking – in a relaxed way, our KauriShells are the ultimate massage tool to release muscle tensions gently. We use the proven and innovative method

Beauty Brush facial cleansing brush

deep care for healthy skin! The skin is one of the most important organs of the human body and needs daily care with a facial cleaning brush. Besides the external appearance, it is above all the complexion that is associated with youthful freshness. Furthermore,

Massage music

the effect and importance of the calming atmosphere of a Sleepion! How important relaxation is for your own well-being becomes obvious when using massage music. It also has positive effects on sleep, which Heinrich Heine once claimed was the most delicious invention of nature.


The Pacific Spirit story

From the Fiji Islands to the whole world In this blog post, I, Birgit Matanisiga, the founder of Pacific Spirit, would like to tell you the story of how our company came about. Come with me on my journey that started 15 years ago.