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Blossom tea

The special gift idea, which makes life blossom! The Blossom tea is a tea creation full of flavor, which should convince not only the tea connoisseur and connoisseur. The healthy thing about tea is its ingredients, which prove to be as versatile as the varieties themselves. A hot bath refreshes the body, a hot tea […]

The Konjac eye sponge

The Konjac eye sponge – gentle cleaning with natural material! The multiple award-winning Konjac eye sponge is a pure natural product that cleanses and cares for the skin deep into the pores. Facial cleansing should not be neglected in daily cleaning and special attention should be paid to the natural protective function of our skin.

Hyaluron Mask – for a pleasant sleep!

Hyaluron Mask – the perfect beauty tool for a pleasant sleep! The HYALURON MASK is the latest innovation from New Zealand to sleep beautifully at night. To illustrate this, the meaning of sleep should be briefly explained in a little more detail. Sleep is the daily bread of your soul, according to Carl Ludwig Schleich, […]

Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day 2021 Give a lot of love and attention with a perfect wellness gift! A wellness gift is the perfect attention with which you can give love and mindfulness. Small gifts preserve friendship, according to a German proverb. All the more important for friendships and partnerships to maintain them regularly. The size of the […]

Home Spa

HOME SPA – Enjoy wellness simply at home! Do you also have good resolutions for the new year? To take more time for yourself and to incorporate more often a beauty day into the often stressful everyday life? Especially now, when we have to spend more time at home, your home can be transformed with […]

Wellness massage tools

The wellness massage – a blessing for body, soul and spirit! A wellness massage is a benefit for body, soul and spirit. Accordingly, the beginnings of massage go hand in hand with the self-healing effectiveness of pressure, relaxation and traction techniques. Relaxation and time for oneself are becoming increasingly important, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Konjac Sponges

The beneficial facial care from the heart of the Yellow Sea! The Konjac sponge from the heart of the East Asian sea is the result of the best that Mother Nature has to offer. While the sponge, as a multicellular organism and a pure sea dweller has existed on our beautiful earth since the Palaeozoic […]

A fountain of youth for the skin

The advantages and application of a self-heating moisturizing mask!! A self-heating moisturizing mask has several advantages in its application. While different functions are attributed to a mask per se, the main focus can probably be summarized in one word: skin rejuvenation.

T Spheres™ – Aromatherapy massage balls

a sensual experience for every day! The T Spheres – Aromatherapy Massage Balls are among the massage utensils that can evoke relaxation in a gentle, soothing way. Taking into account the ancient wisdom that the secret of tranquility lies in stress, this requires manual work and some time.