Massage & Regeneration: Why is regeneration important after sports?

A regeneration massage is used for body regeneration, especially after sports activity.
This “satisfaction is a quiet garden in which to rest”. However, the quote formulated by Ernst Ferstl applies to all areas of life.

Accordingly, training means balancing the greater stresses on the body also structurally. At the same time, it has not yet been clarified at all whether the number of muscle cells also increases. This physical adaptation thus counteracts the wear and tear to which our bodies are exposed on a daily basis. Taking a break between workouts is therefore just as necessary as taking regenerative measures, for example. The keywords here are: Nutrition, sleep and sports massage.

How can I regenerate my body? Methods of body regeneration!

By definition, regeneration describes a physiological process. In sports, however, this term is mainly used to describe the ability of muscles to recover after heavy exertion. Recovery means regeneration. Sleep offers us the best recovery, because here all bodily metabolic processes are reduced to a minimum. Restoration of body functions after a workout also requires that sufficient body resources are provided for regeneration. A healthy diet thus provides the energy that our body needs on a daily basis.


Furthermore, the inclusion of rest breaks is a practical measure to initiate physical regeneration measures already during the training. Among the most popular regeneration tools after a workout are sports massage, fascia massage and regenerative massage.

What effects do regenerative massages have?

Body regeneration is highly dependent on how much stress the body has been subjected to during a workout, competition or recreational sport. In addition, the age of the person training and any regeneration measures play a major role. In order to show how long a regeneration takes, it is therefore necessary to consider the individual body condition. While heavy loads cause injuries, the body should therefore be given enough rest and training breaks to allow them to heal.

New studies from Canada show that a regeneration massage after sport not only loosens the muscles but also relaxes them, thus minimizing the risk of inflammation.The fascia as a soft tissue band of the connective tissue is a spanning network of joint capsules, tendons and muscles, which is loosened especially during fascia massage.

Before training, almost every athlete already unconsciously performs massage elements as well as loosening exercises in addition to stretching elements. To directly prevent muscle soreness, however, many athletes use cryotherapy, i.e. the therapeutically targeted use of cold to treat pain and discomfort. To combat sore muscles, light massages, warm compresses, a warm bath or a trip to the sauna can help.



Do massages contribute to regeneration and help against sore muscles?

To improve regeneration, a regeneration massage helps. This can not only sore muscles, but can also help the body to recover more quickly. This includes the regeneration of the legs, arms as well as the entire body. Our massage tools are also regeneration tools that can ensure this. They are designed for specific parts of the body so that, for example, the regeneration of the legs proceeds faster.

Our massage tools at a glance

A massage tool is particularly suitable for creating relaxation and well-being. For this purpose, we also use holistic application methods that additionally enrich the resting process. In addition to aromatherapy, this also includes light therapy and relaxing sounds.

In terms of blood circulation and relaxation, we do not only focus on the massage tool itself, but also on application techniques such as temperature or healing oils and essences. Using a fascia roller to regenerate the fascia can be very helpful, especially for relaxing the back and leg areas.

In addition to the fascia roller, there are other high-quality massage tools that promote regeneration after sports. These include, for example, the Kauri and Lavashells, which can explicitly relax the muscles through heat and cold applications.
These massage tools are related to the so-called hot stones, with the difference that they self-regulate temperatures. The same applies to the massage balls from T-Spheres, which, however, can be used more before training to promote blood circulation. Thus, we offer a lot of useful tools especially for regeneration massage.



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