Massage Diamond

Diamond Massage – full body massage with extraordinary effect!

The Diamond Massage stimulates all the senses. The appreciation Marilyn Monroe had for this precious gemstone resulted in the song title “Diamonds are the girls best friend”. Apart from its crystal-clear appearance, it is the hardness, the degree of purity as well as the color and shape that make a diamond what it is. The optical fascination of brilliant pieces of jewelry is contrasted by the technical application possibilities, which let the rough diamond shine in a completely different light.

We have approached this model with our new massage diamonds. We use the incomparable shape of the diamonds for a very extraordinary and special massage. The focus is on the effect we achieve with this massage – it is particularly suitable for trigger point massage or acupressure massage. In this article we would like to explain this wonderful and new kind of massage.


Diamond massage tool and its inimitable shape

When developing our latest massage tool, we were inspired by the different grinding techniques. From the cabochon smooth cut, the oval cut, the princess cut to the diamond rose. The result is a massage diamond that combines all the positive properties and provides a very special wellness experience.

The diamond shapes used in Diamond Massage come in different sizes, the largest of which is about the size of a palm. Through special cutting practices, a glass body has been reshaped to create a massage diamond. In addition to our large glass diamonds, we also have smaller turquoise massage diamonds.

Here you can look forward to a special massage, available both as a starter set in the beautiful Home Spa Box or as individual items. Our attention to detail promises you or your clients exactly the exceptional massage experience we are all looking for.

Massage Diamonds – The Ultimate Tool for Trigger Point Massage

Originating in Asia, pressure point massage has been added to the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List in 2019 in the form of the Thai Nuat Phaen Boran Massage. By combining acupressure as well as passive yoga elements, the energy pathways of the body are revitalized here. The energy blockages are released, which has a great effect on the nerves as well as the cardiovascular system. This full body massage therefore combines parts of Indian Ayurveda with acupressure, which directly addresses the energy lines and energy circuits. In this context, massages are increasingly distinguished from each other according to the weight of their classical or esoteric contribution. Extraordinary massages, such as the Diamond Massage, are the epitome of new procedural techniques that revolutionize massaging.


Using the power of diamonds

The classic massage tools are enriched by a new variation, which differs seriously from other tools, especially because of its versatility of application. In the past, these were developed specifically to better adapt to certain parts of the body. Especially deep-seated tensions in the muscle can be solved very well with a suitable massage accessory, if this adapts ergonomically to the body surface. Accordingly, basic forms have emerged whose main task is the following: stimulation of blood circulation to relieve tension and pain leads to body regeneration. In addition to spherical, hemispherical or oval shapes, massage rollers were used in particular to effectively relieve muscle stiffness in the back and neck areas. Massage sticks or massage cups thus largely displace the fingers and palms of the masseur, who now requires less force to perform the massage.

The Diamond Massage is a further development of the useful massage tools, which uses a diamond for the whole body application.

The full body massage with our massage diamonds

The polished diamant can be used in many ways during massage. Each side serves a specific purpose, allowing relaxation to flow through the body.

The top edge, known as the crown, is separated from the bottom by a girdle. At the end of which is the pavilion. The crown angle at the top has had characteristic panel facets ground into it in several stages of work. Those of the bottom are called round facets. In round ground form, it is ultimately these surface details that create a completely new massage sensation. This modern form of massage takes your wellness services to a whole new level – and we mean it.


Through targeted pressure to absolute relaxation

The specially developed massage diamonds, available in different sizes, are suitable, as already described, for trigger point massage or acupressure of specific energy nodes. The pressure-exerting massage tools are suitable for massaging various body regions on the arms, legs, shoulder, face as well as the back and neck. Only the small diamonds are suitable for shoulder, neck, foot and face massage. An arm and back massage as well as massaging the front of the leg can be done with both the small and large diamonds. The back of the legs and buttocks should be massaged exclusively with the large diamond.

The application of the Diamond Massage

Circular and stroking movements, in combination with pressureful acupressures, can optimize the use of massage oil so that it penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin. The ultimate multi-functional tool makes use of the different areas of the cutting shape, which ideally fit the respective body shape.

While the belt of small diamonds should preferably be used on the face, the crown is particularly recommended for the arm, neck and shoulder areas.

We also provide you with a training program in which we present the different massage techniques in detail and in an understandable way.

The Diamond Massage is an absolute highlight and we believe that it should not be missing in any massage salon. Also for home an absolute enrichment.