The oil massage – a therapy for body, soul and spirit!

The oil massage – As a remedy, plant oils have been used for thousands of years and offer a source of health-promoting measures in cosmetic application and as a food ingredient. The valuable ingredients are therefore the true treasure that plants have to offer. Vegetable oils are suitable for internal and external use, extending their spectrum of action to the physical, psychological and spiritual. Oil massage is very healthy for our body. In particular, the guiding principle of Oscar Wilde applies here, which says: “By nothing but the soul are the senses to be healed, and by nothing but the senses is the soul to be healed”.

The oil massage with coconut oil – The oil with special powers

In the Indian healing art Ayurveda, the knowledge of life, plant oils have a high value. The ethereal oils belong to the aromatic molecules, which have a special effect. Since there are several valuable substances in one oil, their use should also be listed in a comprehensible and conclusive manner. Aroma oil massage with coconut oil is not only widely used, but also very useful.


Ingredients which enrich the body during the massage with oil

However, the coconut palm, native to the tropics, is much more than a supplier of coconut oil. As a food, animal feed, building material and raw material supplier, the palm is reverently regarded as the tree of life or heaven in coconut producing countries. In addition to the care and marketing of the trees, it is especially the oil that has achieved worldwide fame and quite rightly so.

The coconut oil for the skin or for other applications is obtained from the fruit kernels of the coconut. Besides the coconut water, the shell and other organic layers, the transformation of the kernels is the most important step of oil extraction. For this purpose, the dried kernel material is mechanically extracted in gentle extraction processes, cleared of impurities and made available to cosmetics manufacturers. This oil is one of the most important vegetable oils and can be found in countless soaps, shaving soaps and shampoos, in addition to massage products. Furthermore, coconut oil can protect the skin from the sun and insect bites.

The use of coconut oil – benefits for body & soul

Through the use of coconut oil, first of all, grip techniques can be better performed during massage. Further, the skin becomes more supple and increasingly relaxed. However, the use of coconut oil has many more advantages to offer:

In combination with the coconut oil, a broad spectrum and true fountain of youth for the skin is created. The coconut oils strengthen the connective tissue and conversely ensure that the skin becomes more elastic and supple. Furthermore, the natural acid mantle of the skin is regenerated and skin aging is effectively prevented. The use of coconut oil is also useful if the skin is prone to symptoms such as dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. Skin stress is thus reduced many times over by the oil and the skin is effectively protected from UV radiation.



The power of coconut – South Sea magic and versatile applications

In order to create a spa feeling at home, especially couples and newly in love rely on the excellent application possibilities of the oil massage. This succeeds particularly well with our coconut oil, consisting of purely natural sources. We use Pacific coconut oil, which gives the massage with oil a South Sea magic. In combination with flowery scents and valuable ingredients, an aromatherapy succeeds, which leads to a whole body relaxation.

Aroma massages – a combination of relaxation, massage and sensuality

We offer our coconut oils in various exotic scents, each of which is of high quality and very stimulating. Hibiscus, Frangipani, Tiare or the Pure Coconut truly transport you to the South Seas and invite you to relax.

  • Frangipani promotes sensuality with its floral character and is especially very mood-lifting and relaxing.
  • With Tiare, you also rediscover the sensual, tingling side of your femininity.
  • Hibiscus smells pleasantly delicate and fruity. The scent blends with a light coconut nuance and is ideal for carefree moments.


The natural moisturizer – Perfect for daily hair and body care.

Away from massage, coconut oil is also used in many cosmetic products. The natural moisturizer from the South Seas is perfect for daily hair and body care. Furthermore, our high-quality coconut oils can also be used as bath additives. In addition to pure sensuality, the focus here is on the enjoyment of the aroma, which is good not only on cold winter days. For quick body care in between, the solid coconut oil should be melted in the hand and then applied.

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