5 functions for the optimal, firm skin appearance!

Facial massage in particular requires a professional tool. Accordingly, we do not only carry our thoughts to the outside, but the reflection of our inner self. The facial muscles are mainly responsible for this. These are also known as the mimic muscles and are responsible for the changing facial expressions with which we make ourselves more easily understood. Away from all cultural differences in the world, sadness or happiness in the face is never misunderstood.

In addition to the given structural differences inherent in the face due to the shape of the skull, the musculature is also designed differently. While in the body the musculature connects the bones via joints and tendons and uses the tendons as attachment points, the facial muscles are anchored directly to the skin. This allows all soft tissues such as connective tissue and skin to be displaced against the bony base of the skull, creating the characteristic furrows and wrinkles. This creates the facial expression that expresses your true beauty. PromultiMassager can be used not only to treat and stimulate the face, but also any other part of the body. The massage tool is far more productive than pure manual work, which will be explained in more detail below.

How a facial massage can preserve youth

Every woman and man associates youthful freshness with a beautiful and toned face. Facial massage is said to stimulate the different parts of the skin and muscles and prevent against the formation of wrinkles. This can cause further effects, which are rehabilitative and preventive over the whole body.

Effect of facial massage

For this purpose, we should first take a closer look at what a facial massager can do. Face lifting with the help of a facial massage involves the circular muscles of the mouth and eye area, as well as the large muscles of the neck and face halves. The connective tissue and its soft tissues, the fasciae in the face, are stimulated and the skin is tightened. This so-called fascia massage leads to a reduction of wrinkles in the area of the eyes and mouth, on the lips as well as on the face itself.



With acupressure for stress relief

In addition, acupressure massage can activate lymphatic drainage and stimulate specific acupuncture points. The end result is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation that tightens connective tissue and facial muscles. In addition to tissue regeneration, a positive overall appearance is the goal and result. Facial acupressure also leads to anti-stress effects and a lifting of facial tone in a natural way.

The fascia massage – a facial massage against wrinkles

The ProMultiMassager, a massager for the face, can also be used to perfectly loosen the feet, hands or other areas of the body. Focusing on the face, especially the acupressure points should be treated with the massage tool. The aim is to tighten the forehead and temples and lift the eyelids in the upper half of the face. Here, facial massage works against wrinkles all around the eye area. A facial massager should also be used to lift the cheeks. For this purpose, facial massage should be done directly on the cheek line to stimulate the fasciae in the face.

Tight facial contours through facial massage

Highlighting the mouth and chin will also tighten the double chin. For this, the massager should work from the face to the neck and include it. This also stimulates the neck area, extracts water retention from the skin, as well as removes swelling. In particular, this also has a positive effect on the complexion. A facial massage that stimulates acupressure points on the face can also help against migraines, as well as improve blood circulation to the hair and gums. In addition, it can lead to a strengthening of the temporomandibular joint.



The ProMultiMassager from PACIFIC SPIRIT® – the ideal device for fascia face massage

The ProMultiMassager is just 15 x 4.5 cm in size and very handy. This device has a massage ball with magnetic stones, with which even deep-seated trigger points can be reached. Acupressure on the face relaxes the facial muscles and increases the blood supply to the connective tissue. With the help of the massage ball, the pressure can be optimally distributed and leads to a holistic facial relaxation.


Gua Sha Massage with the ProMultiMassager

Specially shaped rollers can also be used to stimulate the lymphatic system and provide lymphatic drainage. Especially allergy sufferers, who have to fight with respiratory problems in spring, should be happy about this small massage device. Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese massage technique can also be performed with the ProMultiMassager. Here, the skin is stimulated to increase circulation by scraping. For the stimulation of fasciae in the face as well as for general facial massage, the presented device is ideal.

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