Aromatherapy – a whole-body relaxation that touches all the senses!

The senses of man complement each other. Aromatherapy is a curative application, which alleviates diseases or strengthens well-being. The calming effect of a whole-body relaxation is therefore most effective when all sensations of the body are addressed simultaneously. This lets the own perception, as if on clouds float.
The leisure seems to carry desire, true happiness and blessed life in itself, is the wisdom of the last conclusion and attributed to no less than Aristotle.

Hearing, smelling, seeing & touching: what is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to provide an aromatherapy massage, aromatherapy bath or as a fragrance. In this process, healing substances obtained from the flowers, leaves, as well as roots and other plant components.
The multifaceted world of fragrances and essential oils also has a very special effect on us, when we either let ourselves be carried away by an inimitable scent into a relaxing new world or use it for its healing properties. In naturopathy, these natural healing substances are mostly assigned to medicinal plants, which combine a veritable wealth of different aromas.

Essential oils from naturopathy

Essential oils are formed in the oil glands of plants and can be used in a perfume, as natural oil, natural oil or nature-identical oil. Accordingly, aromatherapy is a naturopathic method that uses essential oils to enhance well-being or alleviate illness.

Essential means: to be untouchable & supernatural

The word “ethereal”, borrowed from the Greek, means something like untouchability. With the healing properties attributed to these aromatic substances, there is a wide range of possible applications. Stimulating the body and mind can be done in a variety of ways. Applied as a skin care product, not only can skin cells be stimulated to regenerate, but likewise muscle and joint ailments can be reduced or eliminated. Inhalation of specific natural remedies is used to clear the respiratory tract. Accordingly, healing substances can also exert their effects through various body senses. The best example is the aromatic bath or medicinal bath, which stimulates both the skin and the respiratory tract.

The positive effects of essential oils

Each oil can unfold positive effects in its own unique way. Accordingly, the complaints, which are alleviated by the healing substance, are equally diverse.
Both insomnia, listlessness, chronic pain, but also skin problems and internal diseases can be treated with the help of a particular essential oil.
The antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and expectorant potential of many of these substances is the driving force behind why they are so valuable. For example, cardamom, sandalwood oil, eucalyptus as well as mint are valued for their antibacterial effects. In addition, many of these substances simultaneously have an antiviral effect, such as sandalwood or thyme. In addition to the expectorant effects of pine oil, benzoin or eucalyptus, some active substances also promote creative energy. This can be used to treat restlessness, distress or sleep disorders. The best example of this is amyris oil.


The use of sandalwood oil in aroma massage

Amyris oil calms and has a balancing effect on the soul. It is predominantly used as a meditation oil as it increases the serenity of its users. This oil comes from the West Indian sandalwood, which has nothing in common with the sandalwood family. Amyris, a diamond plant native to the Caribbean, can accordingly only be compared to a sandalwood because of its characteristic scent.
In naturopathy and aromatherapy, the evergreen citrus plant, also known as the balsam tree, is one of the medicinal plants that unfold their active potential in various ways. The oil of the amyris tree can be used in fragrance lamps, body oils or bath additives alike. While the scent offers aphrodisiac, relaxing and calming effects, a healing bath with the valuable active plant substance has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, even minor wounds or skin irritations can be treated. Used as an antidepressant, the excellent massage and fragrance oil promotes serenity and inner peace.

The application possibilities of aromatherapy in detail

Essential scents can be used to perfectly enhance massage and wellness services. Relaxing music as well as subtle nuances of scents transport the massage guest into a dream world of health-promoting body relaxation. We at PACIFIC SPIRIT® offer a variety of massage tools that can be used in aroma oil massage.


The Aroma Wood Massager

The aroma wood massager is used to release tension deeply. Already the unfolding of the natural aromatic substances of the massager take the massage guest into a sensual world of experience of letting oneself fall. Accordingly, the massage will be easier to fully dissolve all trigger points.

T-Spheres Aroma Massage Balls

The T-Spheres Aroma Massage Balls follow a similar approach. These are available in two scent variations and can be helpful in yoga as T-SPHERES massage balls with eucalyptus oil as well as lemongrass. Here, the relaxing effect of both scents is in the foreground. In contrast, the T-SPHERES enriched with peppermint as well as pink grapefruit increase concentration.

The Sleepion 3

Away from these massage applications, we introduce completely new fragrance components in the SLEEPION 3. A device that provides a pleasant and satisfying sleep through the application of music, light and scent. In addition to the natural sounds, the aroma ring plays a leading role in that it has been enriched with lavender, geranium and benzoin. These natural remedies have sleep-promoting effects, so aromatherapy in this case serves for health prevention.

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