The special gift idea, which makes life blossom!

The Blossom tea is a tea creation full of flavor, which should convince not only the tea connoisseur and connoisseur. The healthy thing about tea is its ingredients, which prove to be as versatile as the varieties themselves. A hot bath refreshes the body, a hot tea refreshes the mind, so goes a proverb from Japan. The fact that this hot beverage is nowadays also enjoyed cold is due to the change in taste as well as the numerous tea varieties available. The tea culture originating from the East Asian region as well as the tea art are originally connected with the Chinese culture. Here, six types of tea are basically distinguished from each other. These are: Green tea, white tea, yellow tea, red tea, pu-erh tea and oolong tea.

Relaxing tea – The history of tea culture

While tea thus did not reach mainland Europe until the early 17th century due to the burgeoning Indian trade, it soon became a popular drink of joyful afternoons and hours of rest. It is therefore not at all surprising that different tea cultures manifested themselves across Europe and established both different preparation techniques and tea rituals. In Russia, for example, it is customary to prepare a brew, the sawarka, in a samovar. British tea culture, on the other hand, prefers strong tea – mostly black tea – whose loose tea leaves are poured over boiling water in a pot. In contrast, the Blossom tea is a handmade small work of art, which fully develops its full flavor and bouquet in a perfectly shaped tea ball.


The Blossom tea – a tea with inimitable effect

While the story of the tea already sounds fabulously beautiful, its effect is the all-important criterion. Accordingly, the tea varieties available today are by no means solely the leaves, leaf buds and stems of the tea plant. This plant is classified by genus as a camellia, which in turn belongs to the tea shrub family. Apart from this plant, any infusion drink made from the leaves, buds, flowers, bark or roots of a plant can be called tea. Mainly herbs and dried fruits are therefore used in this country, which can differ considerably from each other both in taste and content. While the aroma is thus the main purchase criterion for some, others prefer to buy the hot beverage because of health-promoting measures.

The effect of tea

Those who associate a tea drink with healing properties should accordingly take a closer look at the plant constituents of the respective tea variety. In addition to tannins, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, tea may also contain caffeine or other stimulants. Thus, a calming and relaxing tea is by no means comparable to a stimulating tea.

Blossom tea as a gift, visually and aromatically perfect in form

Tea to give away comes from the heart. The white Blossom tea in four different flavors and with four different flowers are beautiful hand-created gifts, which invite to a cozy get-together. The beneficial properties of some teas are completed by a wonderful taste that reveals its true character in a colorful blossom. While the handmade green-brownish spheres shine solely in the gift packaging, these reveal their final secret in a clear glass teapot or tea glass in a beautiful way.
In addition to the varieties, the brand itself attaches great importance to organic cultivation. The varied varieties and sets are consequently an Blossom tea gift of a special kind. For this purpose, the fine harvest and selection should be taken into closer consideration, which make the Blossom tea so incomparable.

Buy Blossom tea- quality that convinces with hand-picked selection.

Buying Blossom tea is a unique opportunity to do something good for a loved one. The handpicked tea leaves are subjected to strict control. After picking, the leaves are first sorted and then preserved in a steam chamber for 3-4 hours. This prevents leaf decay and the loss of valuable ingredients. After this process, the noble tea leaf buds are selected and subjected to a strict visual inspection. The very high quality tea leaves are then bundled and tied into small packets. Each packet contains approximately 70 buds of the high quality plant material. With the inclusion and selection of a colorful flower, the entire package is tightly packed to be made available to the end consumer ready for trade after drying.

The secret is revealed only in water

The Blossom tea opens in the water of the teapot to a flower show of the quite special kind. In terms of taste and appearance, the manufacturers have succeeded in creating a masterpiece that is available in top quality. Under these conditions, every tea time succeeds and becomes an all-around successful afternoon. The Blossom tea thus enchants every guest.