The Konjac eye sponge – gentle cleaning with natural material!

The multiple award-winning Konjac eye sponge is a pure natural product that cleanses and cares for the skin deep into the pores. Facial cleansing should not be neglected in daily cleaning and special attention should be paid to the natural protective function of our skin. Those who no longer feel comfortable in their skin often turn against themselves. The care of the own body should accordingly both external applications and the own internal attitude, give the necessary place for it. From the skin one can see the soul, so the German physician Carl Ludwig Schleich.

A healthy skin appearance with the Konjac eye pad

A healthy skin appearance is naturally rosy and delicate. Thus, normal skin has small but fine pores, which should not have too dry or too oily areas. Daily skin care is therefore a must for good looks and a positive radiance. Special attention should be paid to facial care, as it has a direct influence on the person in front of you. In addition to the function of perfect representation, the protective function of the skin serves as a barrier and border crossing for UV radiation, temperatures as well as the exchange of substances. Furthermore, the sensitive sensory organ stands for body touch, which makes our life so fascinating. With a Konjac eye sponge, deep cleansing of the skin becomes a feel-good program for the body.

Konjac – the exfoliating sponge with a difference

The Konjac sponge is an exfoliating sponge with that certain something. Any possible confusion should be ruled out from the outset. The present eye sponge should in no way be confused with the sponges harvested from the sea, which are also used in the bath. The application in the form of natural eye pads has the manufacturing company, the “The Konjac Sponge Comapny”, a product produced in Korea, which has several advantages to offer. First, however, the natural product itself should be discussed in a little more detail.

Revitalizing properties – Konjac Sponge application

The plant Amorphophallus konjac, a medicinal plant used in the East Asian region for centuries, is also called devil’s tongue or tear tree. Almost everything about this carnivorous plant can be used. The root tuber, the so-called konnyaku, is said to have revitalizing properties. The Konjac sponge made from this natural wonder has the same potential. In fact, plant parts of the tear tree strengthen the internal defenses and also support mineral absorption. Especially in skin and facial care, the user thus draws on the full potential. Furthermore, the konjac plant stimulates the metabolism and also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In summary, it can be said that this eye sponge is a real alternative to cotton pads and make-up pads and far surpasses them in terms of its potential.

The pure naturalness for a deeply cleansed skin!

As a natural make-up pad, the Konjac sponge is particularly suitable for removing make-up. Everyday skin and face cleansing should not focus on water alone. One word alone is enough to illustrate this a little more closely and this is called: water solubility. Not all substances that come into contact with the skin are water-soluble. Sebum, for example, requires fat-soluble substances. Furthermore, the body’s own protective layer is constantly rejuvenated, so that dead and non-functioning skin cells must be removed. This is called exfoliation.
As an excellent exfoliating tool, the Konjac exfoliating sponge has the surface texture needed to deeply cleanse the skin. This deep cleansing results in a noticeable improvement in the skin by simply making it feel fresher and healthier. The make-up pad, which is made exclusively from natural raw materials, can also be used to remove make-up and is therefore a real alternative to cotton pads.

Konjac – the source of life for a youthful radiance!

The Konjac eye sponge is not only rich in minerals, but also in vitamins and trace elements. Antioxidants such as beta-carotene (provitamin A) and vitamin C are essential for maintaining particularly beautiful skin, hair and fingernails. The sponge, which is ideally suited for a vitamin cure, is rather rich in vitamins A, D and E. In addition, nutrients such as iron, zinc and potassium are enriched on the surface structure of the plant material. These metals are needed above all for cell metabolism and also play a vital role in the body’s energy balance.

The right sponge for all skin types

Our Konjac cosmetic tool appeals to different skin types, each of which requires different care. At the same time, the revitalizing and skin-rejuvenating brand product itself comes from exquisite resources that reflect the value of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site called JEJU. This is a volcanic island located in the East Asian Sea, whose true treasure is reflected in the ingredients of the tear tree. In addition to the climatic paradise-like conditions as well as crystal clear water reservoirs, it is the natural potential itself, which benefits the medicinal plant every day.
This unsurpassed source of life energy is also hidden in the Konjac eye sponge and is just waiting to be discovered by you. All variants and further product information can be found in our online store.