Hyaluron Mask – the perfect beauty tool for a pleasant sleep!

The HYALURON MASK is the latest innovation from New Zealand to sleep beautifully at night. To illustrate this, the meaning of sleep should be briefly explained in a little more detail. Sleep is the daily bread of your soul, according to Carl Ludwig Schleich, a German doctor and writer. In fact, this bodily process, which is inherent in even such small creatures as flies, is part of physiological necessity. Thus, it is not only an external state of rest, but leads to wound healing, body regeneration, as well as the general maintenance of the immune system. The involvement of sleep in physiological bodily processes is synonymous with the involvement of this phenomenon in key processes of the psyche. These include, for example, remembering and forgetting as well as the correct classification and sorting out of memory contents. In this respect, healthy sleep cannot be underestimated and should be enjoyed daily.

In contrast, a lack of sleep manifests itself in a reduction of the inner and outer sense of well-being. Due to increased irritability and nervousness, the ability to concentrate also decreases, so that ultimately the environment as well as oneself suffer. Depressive moods and diseases associated with a weakening of the immune system are further consequences of unhealthy sleep quality. In this respect: Give people more sleep – they will be more awake when they are awake! (Kurt Tucholsky).

Healthy sleep, a panacea!

There are various methods to lull oneself to sleep in a healthy way. As a tendency, it is advisable for everyone to use natural methods and products for sleep disorders, instead of resorting to sleeping pills, for example. Not only is there a high risk of addiction as the brain architecture becomes accustomed to the formula, no, these are often antidepressants and neuroleptics that can cause severe side effects in otherwise mentally healthy individuals. A gentle Einschlafmethoden is however, the HYALURON MASK presented here in the offer of PACIFIC SPIRIT®. In order to do something good for your body, it is therefore necessary to actively implement the three pillars of health. These are called: sleep, movement and nutrition.

For a healthy sleep it is first necessary to concretize its so-called sleep ritual by regular falling asleep and waking up times. This clocks the inner clock to regularity and consequently prevents the stress of falling asleep. Beside a healthy sleep climate with pleasantly fresh air likewise the darkness should take place under a HYALURON MASK, an eye mask for sleeping. Especially in modern times there are many light effects (WLAN, digital display alarm clock, etc.) which can additionally affect sleep. In addition, it is necessary to rest early computer work. The blue light of the computer, should it not have a blue light filter, influences the inner clock and sleep quality.

In addition to a relaxing mattress and a neck-supporting pillow, a beauty mask can also contribute greatly to restful sleep. Furthermore, excitement in the form of interpersonal arguments, horror movies and the like should be avoided before bedtime. Instead, the fresh air of an extensive walk can have a very sleep-promoting effect.

The new trend, in order to fall asleep positively: Beauty sleep mask with Hyaluron!

A beauty mask made of hyaluron fulfills two tasks at once: It is a relaxing and revitalizing beauty treatment as well as an eye mask for sleeping. To illustrate this in more detail, it should be briefly explained what a HYALURON MASK actually is. The so-called hyaluronan is better known under the technical name hyaluronic acid. As the body’s own molecule, it is needed in various internal body processes. These include the storage of the molecule in the connective tissue, where it regulates the moisture content of the skin. It has the power to bind water and thus give the skin a moisturizing freshness boost. The HYALURON MASK is therefore the best sleeping mask you can give your skin.

Furthermore, the endogenous molecule is known as a joint lubricant and is also involved in numerous cell functions. Hyaluronic acid also plays a role in cell regeneration in the brain. Apart from this, hyaluronic acid has been used in cosmetics as an anti-aging agent for quite some time. Accordingly, if you want to tighten your skin while you sleep, you should buy a beauty face mask sleep mask. In this context, the hyaluronic mask available at Pacific Spirit® is the best sleep mask there is, as it fulfills two tasks at once: It revitalizes the skin and promotes sleep health. But how is the sleep mask constructed?


YOUTH™, the avant-garde technology from PRONEEM.

Made in France by PRONEEM using an avant-garde technology, the YOUTH™ fabric is a microencapsulated fabric with hyaluronic acid on the face. This innovative fabric is ideally suited for sleep and beauty masks, as it has several advantages to offer. In addition to a comfortable shape, the eye mask has a two-centimeter wide elastic strap that prevents any slippage during sleep.

Rayon, a regenerated cellulose fiber from natural cellulose sources such as wood, is combined with skin-friendly silk to form a mask that can be purchased as a beauty face mask sleep mask. Hyaluronic acid, known as the source of life, cross-links in the fabric fibers and can thus pass on its revitalizing properties to the skin. In addition to skin tightening as well as a continuous release of moisture, this freshness cure at night, will delight every woman. The sleeping mask thus protects the skin as well as a good night’s sleep by shielding external factors such as light and preventing the skin from drying out. The result is cell rejuvenation during sleep, which is evident in the morning in the mirror. Available in pink, lavender or dark beige, the face mask also refreshes the eye area, so waking up is always positive in nature. The mask is also washable.

Made with avant-garde technology, the hyaluronic mask is a must-have when it comes to sleeping healthy and body regenerating.