Valentine’s Day 2021

Give a lot of love and attention with a perfect wellness gift!

A wellness gift is the perfect attention with which you can give love and mindfulness. Small gifts preserve friendship, according to a German proverb. All the more important for friendships and partnerships to maintain them regularly. The size of the gift plays only a subordinate role. Rather, it is the loving affection that you bring to their partner. In this way, you convey how important your counterpart is to you and thus always give away a piece of yourself. The care of a relationship is thus extremely important for a healthy partnership. Which day is not better suited for this than Valentine’s Day 2021?

What is the significance of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, also known as the Festival of Love, is dedicated to the patron saint of lovers, St. Valentine, who died a martyr’s death on February 14, 296 AD on the orders of Emperor Claudius II. According to tradition, his wedding ceremonies according to the Christian rite were supposed to promise the married couples good luck and a bright future. Consequently, the partnership under a good star is attributed to this holy patron saint. Thus, we find real happiness only when we let others share in it. Accordingly, in happy couples, the positive gestures that are made to each other on a daily basis predominate. This means a benefit for themselves, as well as for the other.

Wellness gift ideas are small attentions, which keep the love. While newly in love are true gift nostalgics, even the long-standing relationship should always convey positive feelings. In addition to a warm smile, a positive aura as well as a relaxed atmosphere thus trigger these feelings of happiness. With a wellness gift set from Pacific Spirit® you have the perfect gift and conjure up a smile on the face of your partner. High-quality care products transform your home into an oasis of well-being, which now resembles a home spa temple. Our massage and wellness products will give you physical and mental relaxation.

The Wellness Gift Box from Pacific Spirit® – only the best to relax!

According to the motto: a healthy mind only lives in a healthy body, wellness gifts care for the well-being, health and self-esteem of the recipient. The affection and physical contact inherent in a massage strive for physical and mental recovery. In fact, the practices of massage have become indispensable to any healing practice and have experienced over the years and centuries, much appeal as well as a constant optimization. In addition to the different massage techniques, various massage applications and massage tools have also been established, which facilitate the work of a therapist, masseur or a self-application immensely.

Application and effect of our massage tools

While massage applications focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere through the use of fragrances, oils and other ingredients, massage tools are used to treat trigger points and relieve deep-seated tension. It also stimulates blood circulation and tissue regeneration. Wellness gifts in the form of massage tools are thus ideally suited for daily use and lead to relaxation and tranquility in the often stressful everyday life.

Gifts for relaxation and recreation!

For Valentine’s Day 2021 you can give your partnership a new look and enjoy the benefits of an excellent home spa set with a beautiful wellness gift box. Modern in mint and gray, the box has been lined with silver satin that houses a true treasure of well-being inside. The wellness gifts from Pacific Spirit® that are inside the box are: a LavaShell, Kauri Shell or the LavaShell Stones, 4 activators, a face mask and instructions. Give away true feel-good moments!

The LavaShells as well as KauriShells are self-activating shell massage tools, which, unlike other similar applications (e.g. hot stone massage), generate their temperature themselves. This eliminates the need for cumbersome handling and allows the user to concentrate on the massage. With their palm-shaped size, these shell shapes also have the advantage of easily reaching every massage point. This means that even deep-seated tension can be effectively relieved. The Thermafusion care mask is perfect for facial care. The pore-deep cleansing and activation of skin cells in different parts of the face also ensures that facial care products are transported more effectively to the lower layers of the skin.

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