HOME SPA – Enjoy wellness simply at home!

Do you also have good resolutions for the new year? To take more time for yourself and to incorporate more often a beauty day into the often stressful everyday life? Especially now, when we have to spend more time at home, your home can be transformed with a few simple tips & tricks into a cozy home spa that wellness & relaxation can move in with you.

Wellness at home is becoming more and more important in recent years. Already the German abbess and natural scientist Hildegard von Bingen expressed this very well in her motto “Care for life where you meet it”. Rest and recuperation for the body can be achieved through internal, as well as external applications also in their home spa at home. The own well-being moves into the focus. In addition to a healthy diet, wellness applications and targeted relaxation methods can also positively influence the balance of their well-being.

Positive effects of wellness on our well-being

The goal of wellness at home is to deal with one’s body in a self-responsible manner and to actively increase physical fitness. Furthermore, a corresponding awareness of nutrition should lay the foundation for positive stress management and active environmental sensitivity. The result is a harmony between body, soul and spirit.

A real wellness boom within Germany was triggered by the so-called Kneipp applications, which provide the necessary recovery or body care in a 5-pillar principle. A conscious lifestyle and active exercise ultimately formed the backbone of Kneipp therapy and are the basis of today’s care and home spa products. New massage and regeneration methods with innovative products offer possibilities and solutions for your own spa at home experience in your own four walls.

Home Spa – the best wellness ideas for every day!

The best ideas to start or end the day are the Wellness at Home ideas from Pacific Spirit®. This predominantly addresses relaxation and stress management methods that are primarily mental and body conscious. While meditation is a calming active part of the home spa, sauna sessions and massages are usually counted among the passive application possibilities. Since the wellness products offered by Pacific Spirit® are predominantly self-applications, even massage moves into a more active part and can be experienced in very different ways. Furthermore, bath additives, the excellent selection of botanicals as well as other valuable natural products, provide an appropriate feel-good spa climate.

The Wellness and Massage Tools of Pacific Spirit® at a glance!

The home spa products of Pacific Spirit® provide for an emphatically positive feeling of well-being. A special gift to our body-conscious customers is our new box, which follows the credo “treat yourself”. In a modern gray and mint packaging, we have put together our best-selling products for you. Inside the box you will find our home spa recommendations embedded in satin, which bring the wellness feeling to your home. As soon as you open the box, in which you will find a LavaShell, Kauri Shell or the LavaShell Stones, 4 activators, a face mask as well as instructions, the feeling of peace & relaxation spreads.

The easy-to-use tools work self-activating and do not require any temperature additions from the outside. In this context, the cosmetic products work according to the active principle of temperature variation to actively stimulate blood circulation by means of heat or cold. With the addition of soothing essential oils, herbs and other active ingredients, general body relaxation is promoted at the same time.

The shell shape of the KauriShell as well as the LavaShell is ideally suited to easily reach and relax so-called deep-seated trigger points. With self-application, blood circulation and health are actively promoted. In contrast to these form-fitting massage tools, the self-heating face mask works via thermafusion and is a superlative cosmetic product. With this, creams as well as other facial refreshers can be directed pore deep under the skin where they are needed.

The wellness products presented in our beautiful box offer you the opportunity to experience their own spa relaxation at home.Of course, our box is also perfect as a gift. Give wellness for home and treat your loved ones something good.Feel free to visit our online store and dive into our wellness world.