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The wellness massage – a blessing for body, soul and spirit!

A wellness massage is a benefit for body, soul and spirit. Accordingly, the beginnings of massage go hand in hand with the self-healing effectiveness of pressure, relaxation and traction techniques. Relaxation and time for oneself are becoming increasingly important, especially in today’s fast-paced world. The view of wellness and massage has changed greatly in recent years and the importance and awareness of wellness massages has increased significantly.

Massages – History in fast forward

Let’s take a quick look at history together.

With the Chinese proverb “He who thinks he has no time for his health will sooner or later have to have time to be sick”, the health aspect of massage was already expressed at that time.
Most likely starting from the Asian and African area, it was first the Greek scholar Hippocrates who fundamentally revolutionized the healing practices. Much earlier and thus far older, Ayurveda is practiced at least two thousand years earlier and effectively incorporates essential oils as well as herbs into wellness massage. The thus as medical therapy in the harmony bringing massage application promises thus healing and luck at the same time.

Through the suggestion of the physician and pharmacist Paracelsus, the massage application became a standard within rehabilitation therapy throughout Europe. Based on this, various hand grips and practices were used to facilitate recovery after surgery. In the 19th century, it was the foundation of the healing practice, which as “Swedish massage” established itself throughout Europe. Rubbing, squeezing and pinching were used to relieve tension and promote blood circulation. The technique introduced in Germany by Albert Hoffa as “classical massage” established itself until today.

A brief overview of the different wellness massages

Given the wide range of massages, the main focus is often on the massage accessories. For example, singing bowl massage incorporates healing sounds into the wellness massage, whereas Ito-Thermie or the aforementioned Ayurvedic massage is particularly relaxing and healing due to the use of herbs or essential oils.

The sports massages, partial and full body massages as well as functional massages known for the classic massage application are also complemented by massage tools that are often adapted to the respective body region. Massage tools such as the cupping glasses in the cupping massage or various types of brushes of the brush massage are just two of the many examples that serve as classic massage tools. The purification by the lymphatic drainage, the reflex zone massage, Shiatsu as well as the Thai massage and many other application techniques more, also belong to the repertoire of the classical massages.


Massage tools – the advantages, differences and areas of application of the helpful relaxation tools!

A soothing wellness massage usually includes massage accessories, which can not only facilitate the work of the therapist, but also the self-application extremely. Thus, for the treatment of trigger points or tensions deeper in the muscle, it is helpful to buy the right massage accessories. These massage tools have one main task: to relieve tension and pain by stimulating blood circulation and thus regeneration.

Basically, four to five different massage tools can be distinguished from each other, which can again differ considerably in shape, size and application. Of the well-known massage balls alone, there are spherical, hemispherical and oval shapes, which can be composed of different materials and surface structures. Thus, an elongated shape is suitable for reflexology massage of the feet, whereas the spherical shape is best suited for self-application and blood circulation promotion. It is important to note that massage balls should never be too soft in order to develop a certain contact pressure. Massage rollers, on the other hand, are mainly needed to relieve muscle stiffness and eliminate back and neck pain. These can also be composed of different shapes and materials.

For the wellness massage also often used massage tools are the so-called massage sticks and massage cups. Their great advantage is the punctual application. This leads to relief of the fingers and thumbs of the therapist, who can build up more pressure through the tools. In addition to special forms, such as the LavaShell and hot stone massage, vibration devices can also fundamentally improve a massage. Different power levels and temperature effects can be used here for self-massage or for professional application.


Massagetools from Pacific Spirit®, the best way to relax!

For the stimulation of the body tissue as well as for deep relaxation we offer innovative massage tools in cooperation with different partners.
In our portfolio we also offer the Lava and Kauri Shells, which are practically and functionally similar to the Hot Stone Massage. In contrast to this ancient working principle of temperature variation, where the heat or cold has to be additionally supplied from outside, the LavaShells work self-regulating and have their own heat or cold activators. This means that individual parts of the body can be treated without time-consuming intermediate handling.

In contrast, the massage balls from T-Spheres work with aromas that are unparalleled and provide the body not only with a circulation-promoting massage but also with an odor-perceiving benefit. The contained active substances unfold in each case very calming.

Our massage offer is completed by energetic magnetic stones, Ocean & Magma Globes as well as a multifunctional facial cleansing brush. While the magnetic stones are intended to expand the energy balance, the globes can be used for pore-deep skin smoothing. So-called borosilicate special glass, which flatters every face, is responsible for this. For hard-to-reach pressure point massages, on the other hand, the highly effective aroma wood massager is provided for the wellness massage.

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