The herbal poultice massage with ThermaHerbal – the self-heating herbal poultice. The ThermaHerbal herbal poultice makes the skin shine from the inside out!

A herbal poultice massage is pure wellness. “Heaven on earth is everywhere”, says Hildegard von Bingen, a universal scholar of religion and natural sciences, who revolutionized herbal medicine in this country. Rather, she used the extensive knowledge of our native flora, which was already precisely reproduced in the Innsbrucker Kräuterbuch. Bringing together the healing powers of the surrounding nature with folk medicine was therefore her all-decisive legacy. The Greek-Latin tradition of herbalism is thus a wide field of healing knowledge, which in part gives the often inconspicuous plants superpowers.

Herbal treatments in the history

Taking into account a rich supply of plants, herbs are used either as edible spices in the home kitchen or as medicinal plants for therapeutic purposes. Interestingly, this approach is widely used in the animal kingdom, whose instinctive character must therefore correspond to an innate natural origin. Apart from this, all hunter-gatherer tribes that have been researched to date have already used medicinal herbs to effectively protect or cure themselves. This continues in the recent history of mankind, which has already received its rich knowledge from Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese writings. The use of herbs as phytopharmaceuticals can thus be pharmaceutical in the form of a herbal stamp massage or herbal massage, cosmetics, tea preparations and much more.

The effect of the herbs of a herbal poultice massage!

The herbal stamp massage offers your body several advantages, which refer to the effect and practical application of the herbal poultice. The herbal stamp massage offers your body several advantages related to the effect and practical use of the herbal stamp. What are herbs and what ingredients do they contain? The healing effect has been known since time immemorial. Herbs such as sage, thyme, mint and balm can have a disinfecting effect. Chives, which are particularly popular in this part of the world, are a valuable source of iron and are also rich in vitamin C, K and other minerals and trace elements. The most important characteristic of these culinary herbs, however, is that they have so-called secondary plant ingredients. These are called phytamines in naturopathy and have different properties. While polyphenols are important for digestion, phytosterols lower cholesterol, flavonoids have an antioxidant effect and carotenoids, for example, inhibit the development of cancer.

The previously mentioned ingredients are also present in the medicinal herbs and can therefore act on the skin cells from the outside like cosmetics. Our herbal massage works with a mixture of herbs whose potential lies in the diversity of plants. The method originating from the Asian region is now also offered here and optimized in the form of a self-heating ThermaHerbal herbal stamp for the beauty and cosmetic salon.

The herbal stamp set, the gradual application for a better skin appearance!

The herbal stamp for the herbal stamp massage was designed for single use and optimized with the world’s first self-heating process, the LavaGel® technology. This innovative novelty simplifies the working method by eliminating additional steps, such as the cumbersome heating of water, cloths and other massage utensils. To heat the herbal stamp, natural minerals are activated, which release their heat energy evenly and for a long time to the herbs in the massage tool. The result is an outstanding Wellness effect, which concentrates undisturbed completely on the customer.In airtight packaging, brand manufacturer PacificSpirit® offers its new product ThermaHerbal, a self-heating herbal stamp set for single use. The herbal stamp massage prices are low and optimized for massage.

The handling is as simple as it is ingenious. After opening the package, lukewarm water is poured into it. By pressing the liquid is absorbed faster into the stamp, so that it heats up. In the herbal stamp, the valuable ingredients heat up, distributing their effect gently and specifically on the skin. If necessary, the massage stamp can be moistened again with the existing liquid so that the moisture can penetrate deep into the pores of the skin.
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In airtight packaging, brand manufacturer PacificSpirit® offers its new product ThermaHerbal, a self-heating herbal stamp set for single use. The herbal stamp massage prices are low and optimized for massage.

The herbal stamp massage – relaxation, well-being and inner contentment!

You buy the self-heating herbal stamp for a unique massage treatment. Since no further massage utensils are needed and you can concentrate completely on the guest, the herbal stamp massage prices are to be evaluated very economically. The herbal stamp can be purchased from PacificSpirit®, a leading supplier of massage equipment. This innovative product has several advantages, which can be carried out using various techniques. For this purpose, the supplier provides various working protocols.

Both the whole body treatment with two stamps and the working method with one stamp lead to a body relaxation, which has a positive effect on body, mind and soul. The ethereal ingredients of the herbal supplements thus stimulate not only the skin but also the other senses. While the heat loosens the tissue and increases blood circulation, the valuable ingredients can work where they are needed. The antioxidant properties of the herbal blend can lead to cell regeneration and the elimination of toxins. The heat, which also relieves tension, makes it easy for the secondary plant substances to penetrate deep into the tissue layer. Due to the easy handling, as well as the omission of partly disturbing massage steps, the whole massage process is done without the peace and concentration that is dedicated to the guest. After the ThermaHerbal herbal stamp massage, the guest will feel like a newborn.

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rate deep into the tissue layers.