A fountain of youth for the skin. The advantages and application of a self-heating moisturizing mask!!

A self-heating moisturizing mask has several advantages in its application. While different functions are attributed to a mask per se, the main focus can probably be summarized in one word: skin rejuvenation. As time cannot be turned back, the word mentioned above must not be misunderstood. A fountain of youth or the source of life can still be assigned to the realm of fantasy today, and so precaution, healthy nutrition as well as sports are among the most effective means of keeping one’s skin young and taut for a relatively long time. When we speak of cell rejuvenation, we are referring to a natural cell renewal that is accompanied by the body’s internal processes of apoptosis, i.e. cell death and the subsequent cell division. These processes serve to control the number and size of cells in a tissue and to selectively break down potentially harmful or unnecessary cells. But beware, these cell renewal processes are finite and therefore the best way to maintain attractiveness is to take care of yourself and take health promoting measures. This includes, for example, protecting oneself from harmful environmental influences and avoiding direct sunlight.

The cosmetic cloth mask, an indispensable cosmetic product for cosmetic treatment of the face!

As already mentioned, the cell processes of our body are finite and so it is important to maintain our own ideal of beauty through prevention and protection. Cosmetic masks play an overriding role in this respect and have been used extensively since ancient times through the use of honey, silica and other ingredients such as mulberry juice. Rather, it can be assumed that the use of skin protection is a natural and innate mechanism that is widely used in the animal kingdom. For example, elephants or other species protect their sensitive outer shell from heat and dehydration by mud and peat baths. In this context, the result of a cosmetic treatment of the face with a care mask depends on the type of facial care.

For this purpose, it should first be made clear which masks are used for facial treatment. In addition to the distinction between eye masks and face masks for facial care, the care products can also be distinguished from each other with regard to the type of material, the ingredients provided and their functional properties. The cloth mask, foam mask or hydrogel and kerosene mask are only a few examples of how masks differ in terms of material. From a functional point of view, cleaning masks, peeling masks or thermal masks are assigned different tasks.

Finally, different care products based on oil or water can be used on a moisturizing mask, healing earth mask or similar masks. Here, the composition of the applying medium as well as the way it is removed is the most important rejuvenation tool.

The moisturizing mask, a new care mask to tighten the skin!

To introduce the advantages of a self-heating moisturizing mask in the form of the new Thermafusion face mask with patented Lava Gel® mineral energy technology, we would like to go into detail at this point. Functioning as both a thermal and a moisturizing mask, the Thermofusion face mask combines the benefits of different facial care products. While a moisturizing mask is used to revitalize tired, stressed, sagging and chapped skin, the main purpose of a thermo mask is to stimulate blood circulation. The temperature regulation of the skin is used to stimulate the transport of nutrients to and from the cell structures.

The Thermafusion self-heating face mask also has the advantages of a cloth mask, which serves as a face care mask for the supply of nutrients. By using oils, creams or other serums rich in vitamins and minerals, an undersupply of essential nutrients to the skin cell layers can be counteracted. In addition to the antioxidant provitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamins B2 and C, trace elements and minerals such as zinc, selenium and silicon are also included. Furthermore, the water and fat supply with omega-3 fatty acids plays a superordinate role, since these are essential for the cell structures. With the storage of fats in the cell membranes, the liquid-filled cell compartments are maintained and tightened by the water from the inside.

The Thermafusion face mask with patented Lava Gel® mineral energy technology, the ultimate innovation in facial treatment!

To keep skin looking young and vital, the new and innovative Thermafusion face mask with patented Lava Gel® mineral energy technology is the new cosmetic tool of the future. In addition to the warm front side, the back side has a dry surface that closes the pores again. The mask also features a soothing spa scent that seems to float on the gentle waves of balanced mineral sounds of a sandy beach.

To activate these minerals, lukewarm water is added to the packaging containing the face care mask. The heated cloth mask can be placed with the wet side on the previously cleaned face surface to promote blood circulation and self-hydration of the skin. After the application of vitamin- and mineral-rich skin creams or skin revitalizing care products, the folded face mask can be placed with the dry side on the face. The high-quality ingredients can thus penetrate deep into the skin. The advantage of even heat distribution and above-average heat retention is what makes the new Thermafusion face mask with patented Lava Gel® mineral energy technology so effective and unique. The moisturizing mask allows the inefficient use of warm towels or steam equipment to be replaced by easy handling, which promises soothing relaxation for the guest of your beauty salon.

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