T Spheres™ – Aromatherapy massage balls- a sensual experience for every day!

The T Spheres – Aromatherapy Massage Balls are among the massage utensils that can evoke relaxation in a gentle, soothing way. Taking into account the ancient wisdom that the secret of tranquility lies in stress, this requires manual work and some time. The result, however, is a serenity that should inspire you and your environment with positive charisma. In addition to skin tightening, the release of muscle tension is always aimed at and integrated into the respective massage and relaxation technique.

The trigger point therapy is the main focus here, which has ultimately become the focus of possible therapy approaches for the treatment of myofascial pain. These generation- and present-related disease profiles include persistent pain in the musculoskeletal system, which, in the age of time, can mainly be attributed to home office and computer work.

The massage balls from T Spheres™ – suitable for yoga applications, massages and targeted aromatherapy!

The massage balls from T Spheres™, made of a patented rubber mixture, have a diameter of 45 millimeters and are just as large as a golf ball. This takes into account the fact that the massage utensil can be perfectly placed in the hand and always remains fully controllable. Rather the material nestles up to every part of the body and works efficiently and effectively even in places that are difficult to access. Thus the golfball-sized application differs massively from other massage tools. With the frequent problem zones back, spinal column, jaw range, neck and the joints can be penetrated deeply into the fabric layers. The T Spheres massage ball now reaches these difficult to reach body regions, also known as tissue trigger points, easily and reliably.

To enhance this effect, essential oils can be added to the physiological massage application, which not only aromatically stimulate the sense of smell, but also penetrate just as deeply into the skin cell layers. Depending on which aroma is chosen, everyone should be aware that the so-called cold receptors in the skin, the menthol receptor TRPM8, which according to the current state of research, is probably the only and therefore most important cold temperature sensor in our body. The pleasant smell of eucalyptus, lemongrass or mint thus also has a physiological component, in that these essential oils also have an effect on the sensation of temperature. In order to intensify this even more and to improve blood circulation in the tissue, the patented massage balls can also be used for cold and heat applications.

The myofascial pain regeneration with the massage balls from T Spheres™!

To illustrate this: The massage device developed by Stephanie Whittier, an experienced massage therapist from the USA, can be loaded both in boiling water and in frozen environment with hot or cold temperatures. In the course of this the blood circulation of the tissue is additionally stimulated. The effect of cold in particular is currently experiencing a renaissance with the so-called cryo- or cold therapy, as inflammatory processes such as redness, swelling and pain can also be treated effectively with this method.

However, according to its inventors, massage with a massage ball has been considered by T Spheres™ mainly for the treatment of myofascial pain, so-called tissue trigger points. These are by no means, as initially assumed, inflammatory rheumatoid attacks, but rather localized pain, which has a massive impact on the patient’s quality of life through sensitive hardening. This is based on physiological aspects such as poor posture, hormonal disorders or spinal and joint blockages, as well as psychological parameters such as permanent stress, burn-out, depression and anxiety. The relaxing atmosphere of a massage or self-massage with aromatherapy therefore has not only physical effects, but also cleanses the body from the inside. This strengthens the body, mind and soul and leads in reverse to a holistic recovery.

Yoga sports, back massage and other applications of the patented T Spheres™ massage balls!

While the massage balls of T Spheres™ are the ideal Massageutensil for each movement and Massagetherapeuten, the golfballgroße form is suitable likewise for the personal use with the Selbstmassage. Here the tool is used particularly for the face massage as well as for the relaxation of jaw, neck and shoulder parts. With circular movements as well as inhalation of essential oils, the after-effects of a cold can also be treated and lead to relief in the case of severe headaches. The head and face massage is therefore also intended for migraine patients who need a calming atmosphere.

Another advantage of the massage balls from T Spheres™ is that the larger version can be integrated into yoga exercises. As an ideal pressure point and support, the multi-purpose devices can not only be used for back massages along the spine, no, the massage of feet, soles of the feet and difficult to reach parts of the body is now also possible. Since the latex-free balls can also be cleaned relatively easily, the ideal use of the massage tools is also the work break. Even during work, any neck tension can be released with a quick grip, thus optimizing the work process. Considering the multiple usability of the T Spheres™, it is only a question of time until even deep-seated tensions can be released and your quality of life can be improved many times over.

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