Massage Werkzeuge

Cowrie Shells – the gentle natural method of the sea for total body relaxation!

To go swimming in the sea of joy – metaphorically speaking – in a relaxed way, our KauriShells are the ultimate massage tool to release muscle tensions gently. We use the proven and innovative method of self-heating shell massage, as already known to the enthusiastic users of LavaShells. The use of this shell in many countries of Oceania, Africa and Asia dates back to the 13th century B.C. and testifies to the inimitable goodness and acceptance of this natural beauty. Even today, the KauriShell still inspires with its form and expressiveness, which can fully unfold in the massage. So what is the working principle of the KauriShells and how are they processed and extracted? More about this in the following:


The structure of the KauriShells: Release tensions with the power of the sea!

Relaxation begins already before the massage and expresses itself in an attractive and pleasant ambiente, which is often enriched besides with pleasant smells and pleasant sounds. The sea transforms every single KauriShell into a very individual shell, which adapts optimally to the body during the massage.

The KauriShell itself is biologically speaking a tropical sea snail, whose ancestors already existed in the Upper Jurassic. Of the more than 200 existing subspecies, there is therefore an outstanding and for the massage valuable feature: the snail shell, which in contrast to shells consists only of a twisted shell. The differences in size are due to the different home waters and in Polynesia are only one centimeter compared to the West Atlantic twenty centimeter large relatives. KauriShells, on the other hand, are the size of the palm of the hand and are therefore perfectly suited for a shell massage. To make sure this is the case, the tips as well as the outer shells of the shell have been ground smooth, polished, and converted into an ergonomically excellent massage tool. Furthermore, the inner part of the shell was removed to make room for the so-called activator. Thus, the KauriShell snail shells are perfectly suited to specifically release tensions.

The different accessories and temperature regulating ingredients of the KauriShells!

As we have experienced before, a KauriShell is, due to its shape, ideally suited to relieve tension and this all over the body. The snail shape is especially effective for muscle tension, which, in contrast to superficial tissue layers, lies much deeper, under the skin. In this context, not only a better stimulation is achieved for the guest, but the masseur is also relieved. With various massage techniques, the tissue can be supplied with blood, regenerated and loosened up during a session by pressure and temperature. Various accessories and ingredients are available for the full body massage.

In addition to a starter set, which includes a KauriShell, various activators and a handbook for hand and foot massage, we also offer our customers an introductory set as well as each massage tool as an individual part. This includes, for example, the shell itself as well as the trigger point activator, the face activator or the chill activator, which are placed as small accessories in the shell itself. The activators themselves serve to regulate the temperature and consist of different ingredients. By adding liquid, chemically exothermic reactions are generated, which lead to different temperatures on the surface. Accordingly, the facial activator was loaded with ingredients that cause mild temperatures. For massage techniques on the back or to release hard tensions, however, higher temperatures and thus a different activator are suitable. To illustrate this, the shell massage can be compared with a basalt stone massage, whose temperatures cannot be regulated as precisely as this. Furthermore, the product at hand can generate cold effects, so that the massage can be simulated like an alternating bath.

The KauriShell and activators seen up close, environmental friendliness without electricity!

The innovative thing about the KauriShell product is not even so much the snail itself, which is perfectly suited to reach every part of the body without any problems and thus penetrate every pore of the tissue. No, the innovation is the easy and efficient handling, which works without temperature regulation from the outside. The massage tool activates its own temperature. Neither water nor electricity is needed and the shell heats or cools as if by magic. Let’s take the Chill Activator as an example, with which the KauriShells can be loaded. It consists exclusively of one component, a powder, which, when loaded with 30 milliliters of tap water, causes a strong cooling effect. This can reduce inflammation and relieve the tissue. In addition, cooling of body tissue leads to a stronger blood circulation and thus better cell regeneration. Like all other activators, the Chill Activator presented above is suitable for all massage techniques and can therefore also be used for massage techniques of the back. Since the back and neck are currently among the most frequently stressed body parts, which are strongly affected by office and home office work, there is an urgent need for nationwide use.

The quick readiness for use of our massage tool is a concept for more sustainability and a natural treatment for neck and muscle tension, hardening or to improve his general well-being. Massages loosen the layers of connective tissue, so that deposited cell material can flow off and cells can be renewed again. As a result, the skin tightens and a younger, healthy appearance is the goal of an effective KauriShell massage. The sea, which has healing powers of its own, has washed a treasure ashore, which makes a lasting contribution to approaching everyday life all the more relaxed.