Beauty Brush facial cleansing brush – deep care for healthy skin!

The skin is one of the most important organs of the human body and needs daily care with a facial cleaning brush. Besides the external appearance, it is above all the complexion that is associated with youthful freshness. Furthermore, it fulfills functions of metabolism, immune response and heat regulation and protects against external environmental influences. The surface sensitivity, which is mediated in the deeper layers of the skin by sensory cells, is directly connected to sensations which, in addition to pain and temperature, also feel touch.

The care of the skin with a face brush and a face peeling is therefore by no means exclusively a beauty ideal, but is dermatologically necessary for the preservation of one’s own health. In this context, this cell structure consisting of horny layers, connective tissue, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, receptors and blood vessels, to name but a few, should rather be regarded as a boundary layer and barrier. In addition to gaseous, liquid and solid foreign substances, the skin protects against the penetration of pathogens. The bacteria and fungi on the skin, on the other hand, form the skin flora which must be preserved. Accordingly, the old wisdom of Carl Ludwig Schleich, a German doctor and inventor of anesthesia, still applies: “From the skin you can care for the soul”.

The care of the skin with the Beauty Brush, a facial cleansing brush!

Before we can talk in detail about facial care and cleansing, in order to describe its effect in more detail, the focus is on the tools of the dermatologist or beautician, which ensure that skin care and regeneration products get to where they are necessarily needed. These are the deeper cell structures that require a certain amount of preparation. Since the hands can be contaminated during the course of the day and night, the application of creams and other formulations is only recommended with washed hands or a facial cleansing brush.

For this purpose, the face brush is made of silicone, which can be easily cleaned again after each care. The face cleaning brush also ensures that the blood circulation is stimulated and the skin pores open. In this context, the care product is preheated and, conversely, ensures that the skin pores remain open instead of closing again due to the cold effect of cold creams.

The structure of the Pacific Spirit® facial cleansing brush in detail!

The Pacific Spirit® facial cleansing brush has been designed in such a way that it fits well in the hands. The curved shape of the handle is ergonomic and has a non-slip grip. While there is a suction foot at the bottom end to keep the appliance handy and properly positioned, the rounded brush head is located at the top end. While on the side of the waterproof silicone face brush there are protruding mini bristles that reach every part of the skin and inaccessible parts of the body, the front of the face brush head is represented by large and small silicone bristles of different sizes.

Furthermore, the brush head contains a warming stone made of rose quartz, which fulfills various functions. With a heat on/off switch, the design of the face brush is explained by the brand manufacturer Pacific Spirit® and can now be explained in more detail.

The Beauty Brush, the perfect tool for skin regeneration!

In order to care for the skin, it is first necessary to clean it deep into the pores. Facial peeling or exfoliation is a dermatological term which is translated as the removal of skin layers over a large area with peels or pelings. This method is also called microdermabrasion and can be done mechanically or chemically. The first mentioned, mechanical method includes, for example, crystals, clay, sand, plastic particles and much more, as well as a cleansing brush for the face, such as the ProBeautyBrush from Pacific Spirit®. In contrast, chemical peeling is done with fruit acids, tretinoin, acetic acid and other products.

The method, the peeling, was already used in Egypt more than 3000 years ago, but in Europe only since the 60s. The advantages of this skin cleansing method are obvious and can be summarized as follows:

A peeling massage first of all stimulates the blood circulation and supports the healthy and fresh appearance of the skin. The deep cleansing not only removes skin impurities, but also dead skin flakes, cells and cell material. Furthermore, the skin becomes receptive to care products