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Massage music – the effect and importance of the calming atmosphere of a Sleepion!

How important relaxation is for your own well-being becomes obvious when using massage music. It also has positive effects on sleep, which Heinrich Heine once claimed was the most delicious invention of nature. To enjoy with all senses, needs in the reversal conclusion thus a resting pole, which regenerates the available forces of the body again. Sleep is therefore not a luxury, but a necessity, the absence of which can have dramatic consequences. As a result, sleep deprivation has almost the same effects on human consciousness, psyche and physiology as stress itself. Retreat places, in which humans feel well, impress thus often holistically by visual, acoustic in addition, olfactory smell-dependent sensory impressions. The best examples are the sea, the forest and other meeting places of man and nature, which lead to a profound cleansing of the soul.

The soul becomes crooked from kicking the pavement. You can talk to trees like to brothers and exchange your soul with them. The woods are silent. But they are not mute. And whoever comes, they comfort everyone. (Erich Kästner)

Relaxing Music

What causes lack of sleep and stress in the body!

Sleep deprivation and its consequences can lead to severe physical impairments. The sleep which can be divided into so-called sleep phases is a condition of internal and external peace with humans and animals. It should be considered that not all body processes are shut down during the sleep condition and the brain activity as example changes completely in relation to the conscious daily happening. Furthermore, energy is burned during the night, so that fat is burned and the sugar storage of the liver is emptied. When the feeling of hunger is inhibited, this metabolic chain begins, at the end of which cell purification takes place. Sleep deprivation thus makes you fat and puts an enormous strain on the body.

At the same time, the susceptibility to infectious diseases increases, as the performance of the immune system is severely impaired by lack of sleep. This not only increases the risk of heart attack, but also triggers headaches, migraines and depression. As if that weren’t enough, sleep deprivation puts so much stress on the body and psyche that it also affects daily activity.

We now find ourselves in a downward spiral, in which day and night activities reach out and build up each other. Stress as a response to long-term mental and physical stress is interesting in that it requires sensory perception as a trigger, to which the body responds with stress hormones. If negative permanent stress is overstraining and threatening, positive so-called eustress can cause feelings of happiness. Both body reactions are caused by so-called stressors, which are external stimuli. To get the body in positive vibration, relaxation music is a soothing balm for body, mind and soul. Furthermore, relaxing music can be used as an aid to fall asleep and is therefore an acoustic sleep aid.

The positive effects of massage music on the body!

That massage music has positive effects on the body becomes apparent in sound therapy and sound massage. This healing method, which has been used for centuries, is as old as physiotherapy itself and regenerates the body through the healing effects of sounds. For this purpose it should be made aware that every single molecule of our body is also in vibration and that there is therefore a constant exchange between inside and outside. The sound has an effect on the states of consciousness of the human being and can also put them into trance by a monotonous drumbeat.

Modern music therapy uses music for relaxation and is more versatile than ever before. Recorded and reworked natural sounds and exotic instrument sounds are just as much a part of the alternative practitioner’s portfolio as artificially created rhythms and sounds of spheres. Influencing the heartbeat with the same rhythm is therefore also part of the repertoire of holistic body healing, just like the stimulation of very specific brain waves. Music can therefore be used as physical relaxation music and massage music, as well as in the form of a sleep aid. The scientific finding that our body and brain synchronize external stimuli is due to the fact that they are audible and tangible wave vibrations. Thus, sound is transmitted as a wave in the ear and on the body surface as a barely perceptible or intentional vibration. This results in a so-called resonance effect, which is the decisive criterion for musical relaxation. The new massage music “Strandgeflüster – Beach Whisper” by Pacific Spirit® thus not only takes you to the rushing shores of the sea, but also leads to a deep relaxation and recuperation in everyday life.

Strandgeflüster CD

The Sleepion: music, relaxation and light energy in one!

What massage music in the form of beach whispering, the sound of the sea or the sounds of birds contributes to the relaxation of the whole body, quiet music also provides relaxation at bedtime and is therefore an effective sleep aid for people with problems falling asleep. The novel product from Pacific Spirit® called Sleepion is a music, light and scent therapy in one.

If the music is needed to relax disturbed soundscapes and the brain activity is thus guided into deep relaxation by gentle nature sounds, a positive scent is essential for moments of happiness and well-being. Researchers became aware that light has a strong influence on the sleep/wake rhythm when they discovered the Inner Clock. Blue light, for example, leads to daytime activity and should be avoided during the process of falling asleep and during the night. Dimmed light, on the other hand, is calming. In cooperation, sleep researchers, such as the well-known sleep specialists, developed the novel Sleepion, which has a particularly sleep-promoting effect through gentle sensory stimulation. Here, relaxing music in combination with dimmed light effects as well as soothing natural scents of lavender, geranium and benzoin lead to a pleasant atmosphere of falling asleep, which the body and mind cannot escape. Conversely, this leads to a health-promoting sleep that regenerates body, mind and soul. This increases concentration and performance during the day and generally leads to a happier feeling of well-being.

Sleepion 3