Ocean & Magma Globes

The Ocean & Magma Globes by Pacific Spirit are the right beauty tool for you or your customers if you are looking for a facial treatment that tightens the skin and massages the face at the same time.

What are the Ocean & Magma Globes?

The Ocean & Magma Globes are liquid-filled glass balls that are used as a facial massager. Our Ocean Globe and our Magma Globe are both made of high quality special borosilicate glass. The special glass ensures that the globes are both heat and cold resistant. In addition, the special glass does not change colour and does not assume any odours. This makes this beauty tool particularly durable.

Who are our Ocean & Magma Globes suitable for?

The globes are perfect for anyone who wants a relaxing facial with immediately visible results. The globes transform pale facial skin into revitalized, fresh-looking skin within a few minutes. Whether for treating swollen faces, cooling eyes, refining pores or reducing eye wrinkles. The globes can be used in many different ways and are therefore ideal for both young and mature skin. Our globes are pore-refining products and show immediate skin tightening on the face.

Application Ocean Globe

The blue Ocean Globe is placed in the freezer for about 30 minutes for perfect use. The blue liquid in the ball is a gel and does not freeze even in the freezer compartment for a long time. Then grab the face massager by the handle and use it to gently massage your face in circular movements. The cold and facial massage reduce wrinkles around the eyes and tighten your face. The Ocean Globe is particularly good in the morning for cooling eyes and refining pores. The cold leaves a rosy complexion that makes your skin look fresh.

Magma Globe application

The Magma Globe is filled with a pink liquid. It is particularly well suited for heat treatment. Warm the magma ball either under warm water or in a container filled with warm water to a comfortable temperature; however, this should not exceed 55 degrees Celsius. Then use it to massage your face in preparation for the subsequent care. Because a facial treatment that works with heat opens the pores and allows care products to be applied particularly well and penetrate deep into the skin. This makes it easier to reduce wrinkles in the eyes, because care is not just superficial thanks to the globes. For extra relaxation, you can also use the Magma ball to massage in the care products. The combination of heat and facial massage has a very relaxing effect and revitalizes your skin after a long day.

Further advantages of applying the Ocean & Magma Globes

The benefits of applying heat and cold to the skin are particularly well known to beauticians, therapists and beauty experts. With the right application, heat and cold can reduce stress and contribute significantly to well-being. But in addition to relaxation, the Globes also have many other benefits. They can reduce facial swelling and soothe the skin after facials like peels or cleansing. Regular use can even reduce acne and wrinkles in the eyes, because the globes stimulate blood circulation and thus ensure cell renewal. The stimulation of the blood circulation also stimulates the lymph flow. As a result, toxins are filtered out more easily and the cleaning process in the body is supported.

Even if you use the globes once, you will see an immediate effect. Due to the heat and / or cold, your pale complexion gives way to a rosy complexion and you look radiant. This also makes the Globes suitable as a quick fix tool if your skin needs a quick kick of freshness. Since you can use the Globes without care products, they are also ideal for the treatment of sensitive skin.

Acupressure massage with the Ocean & Magma Globes

The Ocean & Magma Globes can also be used for acupressure massage on the face. To do this, use the wand to stimulate various acupressure points on the face. The stimulation of these points activates the energy channels, the so-called meridians in the body. This can help with many problems and blockages.

The far-reaching advantages of the Ocean & Magma Globes from Pacific Spirit, such as skin tightening on the face and the pore refining products, make our Globes a real beauty and wellness tool that can be used wonderfully in everyday life.