LavaShells – using the power of nature for pure muscle relaxation!

To get an impression of the LavaShells, a purely natural new massage method, it is not enough to be satisfied with the imagination alone. No, everyone should convince themselves of the new shell massage. You will find that the natural wellness massage not only creates a gentle atmosphere, but also leads to a deep relaxation that allows the entire body to glide along the calm waves of the sea. The new massage technology uses old knowledge in a new guise, and could not be better as a care product.

These are mussel shells that have been carefully processed and converted into a massage tool. The closeness to the sea is just as important as the effectiveness with which the individual shell of the LavaShell Massage releases even the most stubborn tension.

Please take a look at the video tutorial that explains the possible uses of the shell massage.

The use of LavaShells for a soothing whole body relaxation!

A LavaShell is a shell that underlines its sustainability with a recycled shell. Both clams and cowrie shells are used to obtain this valuable natural product. The cowrie shell, which is native to the tropics and already existed in the Jura on our home planet, has an egg-shaped or pear-shaped housing, which can vary between one centimetre and 20 centimetres depending on the age of the animal.

The preferred size for the massage application is the size of a palm, in which the shell fits perfectly. The same applies to the clam, which has an archetypal and distinctive shape. In the case of the cowrie shell, the housing surface, which is the same for both types of shells, is reminiscent of the classic and outwardly curved shape of the snail shell. The clam, on the other hand, impresses with its round, oval shape, which often has a beautiful grain.

Relaxing warmth or refreshing cold, the LavaShells can do both!

With a deep action, it requires patience as well as the temperature and strength of the pure water form. Water, which creates inimitable natural forms through constant pressure, finds its application in the shell itself, which the mussel created over epochs.

The special shape of the LavaShell combined with warmth develops a very special kind of wellness massage”

It is known that the temperature penetrates into the tissue layers of the skin and, if there is heat, leads to increased blood circulation and expansion of the blood vessels. Cooling, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. This alternating bath of the wellness massage not only releases all tension, but also activates the body’s own self-healing powers. The massage technique with the LavaShells, which specifically reach every point of the muscles, is correspondingly effective.

The high effectiveness of a LavaShell massage is similar to the cold stone and hot stone technique of the basalt stone massage, which, in contrast to the mussel shells, distributes temperatures far less efficiently. In addition, mussel shells continuously release temperatures, so that both their cold effect and heat distribution are more intense and long-lasting.


LavaShells, the diverse application options that lead to deep relaxation!

As described in this video, a massage leads to wellness when the customer is relaxed and satisfied. The focus is on the special use of LavaShells, which adapt to any body proportion in a completely natural way. In addition to a smooth surface, it is above all the perfect handling that makes the conch shells a perfect massage tool. The advantage is obvious and is emphasized again by the complete absence of electricity. Rather, the action of force is generated by targeted pressure points, which are nourished by a natural energy from a conglomerate of algae, minerals and seaweed.

To generate temperature, little more is needed than salt and water, which reacts in a self-reaction with the matter there. The result is impressive and wins over with its perfect handling and functionality that reaches every pressure point / trigger point. The LavaShell also has a smooth surface that glides extremely gently over the skin surface. This shell massage is also suitable for sensitive skin that reacts very nervously to any stimulus. Even very sensitive areas, for example on the face and other parts of the body, are reached by the unusual shape of the cowrie shell, so that every fibre of the body and also the facial massage work perfectly with the conch shells.

The LavaShells combine the best that the sea offers and gives you the feeling of a soothing sea breeze.