Diving into the silence of the LavaShells and sliding from the sea of calm into gentle relaxation is only possible with this massage. The atmosphere, which empties both the body and the mind, is one of the most effective means of healing and reduces stress for well-being. Well-known massage techniques from Ayurveda, Indian health education and healing arts are already over 4000 years old and serve the purpose of total body relaxation. New massage techniques optimized the healing process and served regeneration. Well-known examples are the hydrotherapy water massage Watsu, the singing bowl massage or the well-known warm stone massage.

In the style of the sea, the soft waves of stillness are perfectly distributed over the body by the shell massage. Similar to the heated basalt of the hot stone massage, the LavaShells work specifically with the natural surface of the shell and put the body in deeply relaxing waves that create sensual moments of well-being.

The full-body massage with the codacia clam – a synthesis of science and nature!

Modern knowledge combined with the knowledge of nature leads to a result that revolutionized massage technology overnight. The size of the massage application, which works effectively both as a full-body massage and in the form of friction, resembles that of a ball of the thumb, which can specifically remove the tension in the muscles. The intensity of this friction is further increased by heat, so that hardening can also be gently removed from the affected tissue.

The natural and user-friendly tool heats up with pure energy, which does not require electricity. The interaction of metals, algae, salt and water creates heat that is gently released onto the body. The flow of energy benefits from the polished and natural surface of the clam, the appeal of which is its aesthetics and uniqueness.

LavaShells Massage

Thus, each product is a one-off and has an individual different character resulting from natural selection. The conch shells are hand-picked. These shells were previously disposed of, but today they are processed further to convert the mussel shells into LavaShells. This sustainability continues in the massage applications that now follow the path of water. A gentle pressure that leaves signs of healing in the body over time. The shells lie perfectly in the hand and are available both as cowrie shells or as codacia clams.

The natural thing to use is the conch shell, which is used with much love as a massage technique for the back, as well as any other body part.

The advantages of LavaShells over warm stones!

The LavaShells have made their way across the vast ocean to us in Europe. Comparable to the age-old massage techniques of hot stone massage, the conch shells offer an advantage that cannot be easily dismissed. Compared to the so-called “hot stones”, which usually consist of basalt, the mussel shells heat themselves. In terms of time, it is possible with the shell massage to have heat distribution ten times longer and it therefore no longer needs to be reheated.